possible world exhibition at italy/Sant'Oreste Naturalistic Museum (Roma)

Who hasn't, at least once in their life, wondered where the first molecule that created our planet came from? And why was Planet Earth chosen for the development of life? Why did dinosaurs go extinct? Maybe because Planet Jupiter, the Solar System titan that protects us from asteroids, was not in the same position as it is nowadays? Human development and the first civilizations, where did they come from? Maybe from a superior mind, enlightened in comparison to the average Earth inhabitants at the time. The Sumerians, for instance, first urban civilization able to create still uncodified signs and buildings with roofs that resemble landing runways. Think Leonardo Da Vinci, whose discoveries we still take advantage of: his inventions still amaze us and we can't quite put our finger on how they could come from the mind of a man living in the XV century. If we go back in time we can't retrace exactly, if not by hypothesis, the origins and the evolution of our planet, of men and animals that populated it before us, and the mystery of their survival. Sometimes we ask ourselves questions about the universe... And then suddenly we are informed that 7 twin planets exist 40 million light years away from us, and our fantasy takes flight to a parallel world. Are there inhabitants on these planets similar to ours? Do these entities observe us even if our scientist cannot see them yet? Let's try to imagine all of this, how THEY live, what THEY do, how THEY eat, sleep, work, love. Astronomist J. Wright is convinced that the existance of aliens should be the least of our concerns.  Creating an artwork opens the door to a POSSIBLE WORLD that interprets and completes the reality of the artist.

iina From Finland Original Drawing for Biblioteca Comunale in Italy: Other Planets

tiina From Finland Original Drawing for Biblioteca Comunale in Italy: Other Planets,maha seadaway from,ny usa ,painting and drawing ,comet at the earth,

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