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At My sun - drench products

1. Design with a long lifespan.
I believe that well-designed, functional products that you can use until they are worn out are the first step towards minimising use of the earth's resources.

2. Look after what you have.
Be proud of your worn Jelwery ,useless often ,wear with care ,with an environmentally method

3. Long-term relationships with product
i have my own Code and full description and document that deals with things i did in releation with them such as our environmental events ,artistic participtation and material of their production. It's a long-term relationships with me to inform you

4. Travel in an environmentally friendly manner.
When I take business trips i choose rail train and subway travel as a first option. It takes a few hours longer, good impact on the environment ,Walking as often as I can is my choice too.

5.the spirit,I am inspired by nature in my product and I will inspire you too
I believe in the power of little and enviromental friendly organic life

Jewelry cleaning

Certain types of cleaning can damage art jewelry
Some gem stone has an overlay to produce certain color and texture ,some are sensitive to vibration and can be loosen by surrounding atmosphere,humidity
You should be aware and informed

Water,steam ,ultrasonic and DIY cleaning can damage these hand crafted jewelry
It is not recommended to these kind of art jewelry
As I worked with precious and semi precious stones I glued and used other method to give them style and design
I recommend soft brush and soft dry cloth to wipe clean ,do not dip them i any liquid or water
Sun light may cause the color to fade ,humidity may cause rust and discoloration,pressure may cause surface scratch
Please handle them with care

Jewelry Wearing
Wear them after applying your perfumes,hair spry
Wear them with caution,avoid doing house hold while wearing them"
No un proper outdoor places
Use them with proper care

Jewelry Storage
Store them with cotton or, Microfiber cloth
Store them separately from each other as different material can work contradiction and prevent scratches
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